Letter Number Two

Hi Chris,

I really enjoyed reading about your younger years. I like how you didn’t let the success of your competitive running go to your head. You really proved that when you helped give the poor food, and even let the one homeless man stay in a nearby trailer of yours. Something I did not enjoy as much? Hearing how you ended contacting your entire family, for your father’s wrongdoings, was not enjoyable. They did not want to hurt you, and I can see being angry at your father for his double life, but why did you have to leave your mother in the dark. She missed you so much and was so withdrawn and concerned, she began to go into the wrong state of mind. Genuinely, I cannot relate to your situation at all at this point. Although, I can relate to the pain of your family from a family member who distances themselves in the worst of ways. So if I am going to sympathize or relate to anyone in these past few chapters, it is your mother or other concerned family members, not you.


Yours Truly,



Letter Number One

Hey Chris,

I am very interested your travels. It was highly compared to other notable travelers, which was pretty cool. Although, I did not think you’re way out of this world was not fair to your family. You’re adventures may have been very noteworthy, but I believe you should’ve added to your ‘help’ note. Maybe you could have even left a note for whoever found your body. You should’ve somehow let someone know to contact your family, even if you may not have been connected to them. They had the right to know they lost a child. I do relate to you wanting to get away from your problems, but I don’t relate at all to the drastic measures you took to get away from the great life. You did not have to go to such drastic measures.


Kaitlin Serad

Thursday June 9, 2016

Ahhh, the end of the year. The beginning of this semester I made a list of goals (as seen below). Looking back, I completed 3 of my school goals. I kept my first honors streak and had straight A’s both semesters. My high school GPA will be a 4.0 as of next year when my middle school grades are removed from the grading system. Otherwise, I constantly stress, that’s just who I am! I’m not sure if that goal will ever fully be achieved. My outside of school goals still need some work, because I’ve been solely focusing on school related issues. Although, I did pass with a 98% on a PennDOT quiz on driving. So I am one step closer to that. One thing that was not a goal, but more of a bonus, was getting into Drexel’s High School Scholars Program. 


Tuesday June 7, 2016

Living in a major city and a rural area differ to many extremes. Benefits of living in a major city are that you have access to some type of store at any time. Every area has a local store just streets away. No car? No problem. Public transportation always is there to bring you wherever in the city you need to be. Although, downfalls include traffic, nosiness, and crowding. Living in rural areas have benefits like peacefulness, open roads, less crowded neighborhoods and more plants/space. Downfalls include not many easily accessible stores and ways of transportation other than car.

Monday June 6, 2016

I believe you can want as many things as you think are necessary, but aiming for unnecessary wishes is where to draw the line. There’s a a difference between wanting a yacht and wanting a night out. For myself, less is more. Having less keeps you grounded and (in my experience anyway) motivates me to do more. I feel as if the less you have the more it motivates you to get what you want. 

Friday June 3, 2016

Fetty Wap Friday:

Fetty Wap may have hits, but he has proven to have no common sense. He should not of filmed a video with obscene imagery and drugs. I understand he wanted his video to have an at-home feel, but he could’ve at least filmed somewhere else. The video, if it really needed to contain these characteristics, could’ve had many other choices for location. The video could’ve been shot in a club or even shadier neighborhood locations.

Thursday June 2, 2016

A trio of bratty teens meet the new girl in town. Ever since this girl shows up, the trio’s friendships are turned upside down. Then the dreaded day comes, and to their luck they’re drafted for the games, those god awful games. The four girls now have to pit against each other to the death, to see who is the ultimate mean girl. Will there be alliances made, and will those alliances be broken for a better offer? Who will be the ultimate mean girl?

Taking Mean Girls plot and characters but changing it from a comedy to an action film using other plot and setting details  from The Hunger Games.

Wednesday June 1, 2016

When it comes to term “there is no such thing as a stupid question” being true, it really depends on the person. Some people who are open to any type of question and aren’t judgemental may agree. If you’re like me, yes stupid questions are in fact a thing. If I’m wearing a shirt with a logo from it (let’s use hollister as an example) and someone asks if my shirt is from Forver 21, that is a stupid question because it has the logo/name on my shirt. At the very same time, if you truly want to know something, always ask. 

Tuesday May 31, 2016

The whole situation is a mess, a tragic mess. I believe that both the mother and zoo are to blame. The situation is all over the place. Where was the mother in the situation that her child was able to climb into a gorilla exhibit. At the same time, isn’t the zoo at fault as well? How was it so easy for a young toddler to make his way into an exhibit with a potentially dangerous animal. The video does seem as though the child could have been hurt, but in the moment, who really knows if the gorilla should’ve been killed. Was there another way to save the child? Who knows, all I’m sure of is that arguing about the topic whether or not it should have been killed will not bring the gorilla back. 

Thursday May 26, 2016

Summer keeps getting closer and closer. The extended weekend for Memorial Day is approaching, which is the beginning of the season. I can’t wait for beach days, pool days, and endless opportunities. Even though,  summer break work and Drexel will be involved, I don’t mind. At least summer keeps getting closer and closer!